VIP Logistics, Storage and Internal Cargo Handling VIP Logistics, Storage and Internal Cargo Handling

Logistic Operator

We are a services provider company responsible for logistic activities management and execution in all supply chain stages, from manufacturing to the final destination delivery of the service or product. All activities are conducted in an integrated way, which includes physical and fiscal receipt and checking process, cargo storage and handling, enumeration and tagging, cargo loading and unloading, kit assemblies, addressing, picking, packing, crossdocking operations, sorting for quality and test area, internal stocks management and inner scripting. On most contracts is utilized the clients own systems to avoid control duplicity. We provide machinery and equipment for internal movement operations, ensuring implemented process efficiency.

General Warehouses

VIP Logistics and General Warehouses is committed to quality in the whole process of storage. Is always investing on technology, safety and strategic located warehouses in the Brazilian states of São Paulo, Sergipe, Piauí and Paraná, that together overcome 322.9173 ft² and serves food, automotive and pharmaceutical companies, between others sector.

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