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Information and communication technology applied to management processes: this is the new front of the VIP Group.

VIP Tecno is a company that offers customized information systems for industries, presenting a solution for the management of the productive and managerial processes’ data, according to the need of each client. For this, a platform is developed to record the activities, what helps to control the execution of each step, facilitate the meeting of failures that impair the capacity of demand and, thus, allow the implementation of corrections and improvements.

This methodology is developed together with the client, taking into account the necessary functionalities and the objectives to be achieved, passing through several application tests that guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the system. Present in the daily life of VIP Group companies and great part of their clients, VIP Tecno systems have shown proven benefits in the processes implemented.

Personalized information management systems that help:

  • Resolution of inefficiency during the processes;
  • Optimization of operations;
  • Monitoring of production in real time;
  • Increasing demand capacity;
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The Grupo VIP is a company specialized in outsourced labour force and temporary services. We offer the solutions listed below:
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