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VIP Condominiums has solid experience in the administration of condominiums, offering personalized service and differentiated procedures according to the type of condominium (residential or commercial). Always aiming at the heritage preservation and enhancement of the life quality of their quota holders, VIP Condominiums maintains a manager for each condominium, advised by a highly qualified administrative and technical team that perform the entire management required and at the same time customize the liquidator management.


  • Patrimonial and building management;
  • Financial and accounting management;
  • People and HR management;
  • Legal consulting;
  • Legal and charge services.
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The Grupo VIP is a company specialized in outsourced labour force and temporary services. We offer the solutions listed below:
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VIP Condominiums
VIP Logistics, Storage and Internal Cargo Handling
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VIP Conservation and Upkeep of Green Areas
VIP Metallurgy and Industrial Painting
VIP Ambiental
VIP Occupational medicine and labor safety
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